Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones

Hi, I’m Bev.

I am a mother, Forex trader and online marketer. I help passionate individuals in building an online marketing strategy. My mission is to help entrepreneurs impact the lives of many through their passion.

From a workaholic, career-oriented woman my life changed when I got married and had my daughter.

It was a struggle at first as I battle the stereotypes of being a housewife, the inner battle of me trying to find my identity. It’s been a rough first year of transitioning. 

I spent years, months, weeks and days until I find my sweet spot in trading.  It has been that “other thing” that I’ve been looking for. Kept me occupied and fulfilled, it grew on me, I became passionate about it.

Now my daughter is a toddler, she now goes to preschool. I have even more time in my hands now. I revisited my passion for marketing, the career I used to be obsessed about. Like a blessing, I got a client who is running a Forex education company and I get to work with them in their marketing, I found my IKIGAI.

Choose your poison

I share musings on topics that I am passionate about. I write about trading as a stay-at-home Mum, topics on online marketing and our travels.

This is my way of giving back to the community, a little passion project of mine. If it is something of interest to you, please join us.

Facing challenges on your business? if you think I can be of help to your project — and if you have a noble cause — let’s jump on a call for a quick chat.